Top 5 Samsung Mobiles one should go ahead with

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images 3 Top 5 Samsung Mobiles one should go ahead withSamsung has captured the entire smartphone market with its range of Android phones. No other competitor even comes close to Samsung. It has the perfect phone for every consumer, from the ones looking for heavy duty Android phones to others who just want a basic Android phone. With so much variety, it could be very difficult to decide which Samsung mobile phone one should go for. Here is a list of the top 5 Samsung phones this season. Read through this and then take an informed decision.

Samsung Galaxy S4

This is clearly one of the most superior Android phones in the market and not just in Samsung. The Galaxy S4 is a brilliant combination of features, functionality and looks. It runs on the Android Jelly Bean OS and boasts a 5 inch super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. You can get both single and dual sim models. It has a 13 mega pixel rear camera and a 2 mega pixel front facing one for all the video chatters. It’s basically like having a digital camera. It has 2G, 3G and even 4G LTE models for all the Internet addicts out there. The high spec 2 GB RAM and the 1.6 GHz quad core processor are added pluses.

Samsung Galaxy Mega 19200

Like the Galaxy S4, even this model supports the Jelly Bean OS. For those who are looking for big screens and are willing to go for less clarity, this phone would be the ideal choice. While it doesn’t have the AMOLED name, it does have awhopping 6.3 inch PLS capacitive touchscreen. This model has a strong 8 mega pixel back and 2 mega pixel front cameras. It also has flash and autofocus. Supporting all forms of internet connections, the Samsung Galaxy Mega has a 1.5 GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 19082

The Samsung galaxy Grand runs on the Jelly Bean OS and like the S4, has a 5 inches capacitive touchscreen. If you are a dual sim user, there is a model with the dual sim facility too. While the phone does offer Wi-Fi and 3G option, if you are a next generation user looking for 4G connectivity, then this phone is not the one for you. However, the Grand boasts of a really good battery with long talktime hours. The cameras are the same as the Samsung Galaxy Mega. This model has a 1 GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy Win

This phone is for those who like small phones. With a TFT capacitive touchscreen of 4.7 inches, the Samsung Galaxy Win is a pretty compact phone. This phone is ideal for those who want all the features of a good smartphone with lower resolutions. There is a 5mega pixel camera at the back and a VGA one at the front. So, don’t expect high-res video calling. However, the rear camera has LED flash and auto focus just like the other higher models. There are two models, for single SIM and dual SIM users.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2

An even smaller phone for those who like handy models, the big USP for the Samsung Galaxy cover is that it is a water proof phone and can be kept under water for upto one and half minutes. It is also dust tight. Thus it justifies its cover name. This phone too offers both front and back cameras, with the front being a VGA one. It has a 1 GB RAM and a 1 GHz Cortex A9 Dual-core processor.

This is the list of some of the best Samsung phones this season. Watch closely and pick your favoured one.

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