How to Personalize and Protect Your iPhone 5s

iPhone 5 introduction video white perspective 001 How to Personalize and Protect Your iPhone 5s

Whether you already own the iPhone 5 or plan on purchasing the new 5S and 5C models, it’s important that you have the proper protection. While there are many iPhone 5 skins you can go with, you should strongly consider skins that are made out of Official 3M Vinyl. 3M is known for their office supplies including tape, design tools and printed products, so you can expect it to be high quality material.

The benefit of using a skin made out of superior grade vinyl is that it will to protect your iPhone from scratches, dents, bumps, shocks and drops. Unlike other skins, it is not bulky yet it still offers strong protection due to the tough, durable vinyl material. There’s no gel-like material used, so you won’t have to deal with any adhesive residue that is left behind on your iPhone. Adhesive material becomes a real problem when it gets on your screen and you have to attempt to clean it off without scratching your screen.

What makes the skin stand out from others is the amount of personalization options that are available. The skin comes in the textures of carbon fiber, titanium, leather, true color and wood. Each texture comes with multiple color options to match your unique personality. The textures also exemplify how the actual materials are supposed to look like and are very detailed in their design.

For example, the carbon fiber material has tiny ridges in each weave so that it reflects light just like real carbon fiber would. The titanium vinyl is scratchproof and has micro-ridges to offer superior grip for your phone that are also designed to look like real brushed titanium. You won’t find any other skin that comes this close to resembling the real thing.

The skins also have the perfect fit. You won’t have to struggle trying to access the ports, worry about the skin blocking the camera lens, or deal with excess skin minimizing the phone’s screen size. These skins are designed for precision. All of the cut-outs are meticulously measured to be as precise as possible so that the skin offers proper protection, a lightweight and slim design, and ease of use.If you’re looking for iPhone 5 skins that stand out above the rest, look no further. You can expect superior protection, design and fit from this unique line of iPhone skins.

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Technology blogger Justin Parklawn writes about the different ways smartphone users can protect their phone from scratches and dents. Justin highly recommends that if you plan to shop for carbon fiber iPhone 5s skins for new your favorite device, you absolutely have to check out what dbrand, the boss of vinyl skins has to offer.

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